Learn Italian in ItalyAs of now, you might have already realized that you’re interested to learn a second language. Being bilingual is actually cool, especially when you opt to learn the so-called ‘language of love’ which is the Italian language. There are so many interesting reasons why people are getting so into Italian. Not to mention that the most delicious and sumptuous foods are in proudly prepared by Italian people. Plus, the country itself is so lovely that nobody can’t resist its persuading beauty.

There are lots of specific reasons why you would like to learn Italian. You might be interested about the rich and long history of Italy, or maybe, your ancestors are Italian. Another reason why you are planning to study the Italian language could be that you fancy someone who is an Italian, or you  are hooked with Italian music, arts or literature. Truly there could be more of these given reasons. And to give you more motivation and willingness to learn the Italian language, I will be sharing other people’s opinion on why do they think it’s fascinating to learn how to speak and understand Italian; and why it is best to learn Italian in Italy.

  • The Italian language is not difficult to learn. In fact, more people prefer studying ItalianLearn Italian in Italy than the English language. Italian is very sweet-sounding thus, people want to learn the language because of their love towards the language rather than any other reasons like family, history, etc.

  • Learning Italian in Italy makes you get closer to Italian people. Majority of Italian Learn Italian in Italypeople do not speak other languages other than their very own language. They feel grateful when they hear a foreigner or a tourist speaking their language in spite of the mistakes. They are very friendly and they are always kind to correct the mistakes especially when a tourist is having a difficulty.

  • The Italian language is spoken by nearly 60 million native speakers and other 5 million who speak Italian abroad. One reason why it will definitely have a big impact to one’s Learn Italian in Italylife. Businesswise, learning Italian is a big factor especially when working in the furniture and design industries. These industries are where the Italians are known and most probably that the buyers and sellers and other companies are native Italian speakers. They would be very impressed to do a business with a non-native Italian speaker but speaks and understands their language well.

  • One of the things that play a very important link with the Italian language is their cuisine. Many Italian restaurants are now sprouting all over the world but it feels Learn Italian in Italydifferent to be in Italy and eat in an authentic Italian restaurant or in a pizzeria. And how cool would it be ordering a food in a very Italian accent. Learning Italian in Italy gives more confidence when talking to Italian people anywhere. It could be in a restaurant, a train station, airport, shopping mall, etc.
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